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New Cloverfield Series Film Coming From Director Babak Anvari

Image of the headless Statue of Liberty from the Cloverfield poster

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Cloverfieldfound creatures movie 2008, got a surprising amount of sequels that have very little in common with each other but are still in development. same universe. I’ll be honest; I I don’t understand it, but Term announces that there is a new Cloverfield film franchise in progress, this time with Babak Anvari we are negotiating the production.

Anvari is known for his BAFTA-winning film under the shadow (2016) and then Wounds (2019); both films were considered psychological horror films. Most recently, his crime thriller, I camedebuted on Netflix in 2022.

There is Currently no details about what is the newest Cloverfield installment may be. Anvari is well known for combining deeply disturbing psychological dramas with terrible situation, so my money could bet it would be something more like 10 Cloverfield Lane how The Cloverfield Paradox. Who knows! Speculation has always been a part of the franchise and I’m sure Anwari will add unexpected twists to the picks.

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