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Madden Streamers Are Going On ‘Strike’ Over In-Game Gambling Odds

One of the biggest streamers Madden community has announced that they are going to go on “strike” by creating a hashtag and refusing to spend money on Madden 23 Ultimate Team mode until publisher Electronic Arts makes some changes.


As Polygon report, streamers – who for such sports games huge part of the online community – created the hashtag #packstrike and call all players, not just their fellow content creators, to refuse to spend a dime on Ultimate Team until EA fixes their problems.

Zirksee, speaking on behalf of himself and “other creators in the community”, shared the group’s demands earlier today, stating that they are asking for “better rerolls” and “better recruit chances overall” when opening a more expensive player, among other things. packages:

As I said just this week, there aren’t enough tweets, reviews, or comments to make publishers give up on the extent to which they’ve monetized major sports series in 2022. The only thing that changes the situation with these companies. is money, and so the only way for disgruntled players to get their point across is to keep that money.

So seeing content creators mobilize as a means of protest is inspiring! While it’s also wild to think that a decade of running sports games into extortions has normalized things to the point where people are “striking” not to throw out the modes or make them completely free, given that you’ve already spent $60 ($83) on the game. No, they just want the odds in their favorite game mode – a mode that is essentially based on gambling, which many governments are now investigating through legal action – to change to be a little more in their favor.

It’s like asking a prison guard for softer pillows. Of course, it remains to be seen how successful this “strike” will be, but if it does have any impact on EA Sports, I hope it will at least set a precedent for sports game fans – if they’re really that sick of these constant nickel-and-diming, they say, to start taking more drastic action.

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