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Wildfire outside of Princeton putting up heavy smoke, ash – Penticton News

Extinguishing fire with smoke, ash

UPDATE: 17:35

The British Columbia Wildlife Service deployed several helicopters to put out a wildfire in Champion Creek on Saturday, which is 31 kilometers west of Princeton.

“It still looks like thick smoke in the area. So many people can see smoke in the area, both from this fire and fires south of the border in the US, and ash has also been reported in the area. So, just for the record, it’s mostly from fires in the US,” Fire Information Officer Shailey Stearns said.

“The fire, as it were, burned out to the top of the ridge line and simply burned the area under it. Basically we see the first and second rows. [fire behaviour] Also, with similar areas of the three, where the wind and the slope have a line, just to increase the fire activity a little.

Wildfires in British Columbia are rated on a scale of one to six, with six being the worst.

Stearns said ground crews were not called in today to fight the wildfire.

“When we look at resources, our resources are based on certain priorities, and this one in [terms of] the cost of wood at the same time, it’s definitely manageable for a helicopter now.”

The fire area is estimated at 11 hectares and is classified as unmanaged.


The Champion Creek wildfire, burning 31 kilometers west of Princeton, is currently estimated at 111 hectares.

The British Columbia Wildfire Service said the wildfire could be visible from Highway 5 and the township of Tulamin.

The fire was discovered Friday afternoon and is currently burning in rough terrain away from residences.

“We have personnel who will go out to evaluate and plan how we will apply tactics in fighting the fire,” said fire information officer Melanie Bibeau. “Today, a helicopter will also return to us.”

The Tulameen and County Fire Department said their firefighters are informing residents and investigating the location of the fire at Champion Creek.

The fire brigade asks the public to be vigilant and observe safety measures.

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