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Sydney Roosters must lose James Tedesco or Joseph Suaalii, warns mentor

The Roosters would never let Tedesco go, but keeping Suaalia is important and will put pressure on the club.

Des Hasler.

Des Hasler.Credit:Getty Images

Despair in Manly

Manley is playing a dangerous game with Des Hasler and if things go wrong, he could leave the club.

Every aspect of Manly Hasler will be scrutinized, and it is clear that the pressure placed on the coach is not to the liking of the players or those under pressure.

Hasler’s staff is about to come under real pressure, and that uncertainty, combined with uncertainty in the playing group, could be enough to push the manager, who has been at odds with club management since the Pride jersey saga, out the door.

Hasler’s agent, George Mimis, spent most of the year trying to restructure Hasler’s contract to remove performance clauses and keep the club stable, but the Sea Eagles didn’t budge. This is a sign that management wants more power. Hasler is a loyal man, but the club knows the impact a recall – or worse – of its people can have. Hasler is a quirky trainer, but he really cares about loyalty and he supports his people.


Hasler will not like being told who he will be working with and may simply decide that such an intervention is not worth it. He is certainly not as popular with management as he used to be. Officials did not like how he held a press conference in a rainbow jersey, in which he blamed them for many of the mistakes they made. Some did not forgive him for his departure in 2011 and the transition to the Bulldogs.

There is talk in Manly that Stephen Hales could be a top coach. It seems unlikely, but he was the favorite of the late Bob Fulton, and nothing can be ruled out in this game.

Hasler is the only person working 100-hour weeks at the club, and in many ways, he is the one who holds the Sea Eagles together. Considering the millions of dollars of their salary that have been hurt, especially Tom Trboevich, it seems like a strange time to be condemned. The club needs to address the lack of leadership, accountability, ever-changing executive team and low football IQ on the board.

Eddie Supports Raids

Australian rugby has found an unusual ally in its quest to sign league players: England manager Eddie Jones. A crazy league member, Jones supported the NRL raids.

“I like the play,” he said. “Destruction can start moving. I really believe you should try.”

Jones described the RA’s top target, Joseph Swaaly, as “a skillful player” and named the three players in the NRL who would do best with the 15-man code as Joey Manu, Dylan Brown and Cameron Murray.

Exchange of ideas?

It almost escaped notice, but two big names in rugby league, Phil Gould and Tim Shins, met in a three-hour meeting a week ago.

Neither of them will say what they were talking about, but you have to think that a player exchange could be on the agenda.

The Bulldogs have made it clear they’re looking for a linebacker – they’ve met with Ben Hunt and are following Jayden Sullivan. Luke Brooks and his $1.1 million salary for the season would be on the list of things the Tigers have to work out, but Shins is determined to stick with him. The other halves, Jackson Hastings and Adam Duehy, were talked about as potential players in the movement.

Benji gets his man

A few weeks ago, we told you that Benji Marshall decided to make his mark on the Tigers’ high-performance division, with much of the current setup told to look elsewhere. Now there is further evidence of his influence: he appointed the man he had used as a physiotherapist for most of his career as head of the high performance department.

Together Again... Benji Marshall and Tim Shins at Tigers training in 2012

Together Again… Benji Marshall and Tim Shins at Tigers training in 2012Credit:NRL images

Peter Moussa is considered one of the best in his field. He’s so good that opposing players such as Mitchell Moses and Nathan Brown will use his services. Benji really brings the gang together.

What’s still hard to understand is why Tim Shins and Marshall’s dream team wasn’t in the spotlight as the Tigers rocked from one issue to another.

Kev is still gambling

Tyson Gamble’s comments on the Kevin Walters podcast were simply expressing a point of view that others at the Broncos had privately held for some time.

Speaking on the Marshie’s Corner podcast, Gamble stated that midfielder Adam Reynolds was the “mastermind” behind Brisbane’s attack.


“Kev is the coach, but Reino [Reynolds] this is a man who suits everyone,” said Gamble. “If you have a question about a team or a futi, you go to him. Kevvy really understands footy and he’s a good guy who gets the team up but the modern day is so different from how Kevvy played footy. There are some similarities with how you should be set up and stuff, but Reino is the mastermind behind our attack at the moment.”

For some reason, Walters – one of the good guys in the game – has his fair share of critics who are only too happy to take any opportunity to criticize him.

The truth is that it is still not decided if he has what it takes to become an NRL coach. And his precarious contract situation – when he doesn’t have a long-term contract – reflects the doubts players and administrators have about him.

Clem on the shopping list

David Klemmer is still being bought by rival clubs despite public assurances from everyone at Newcastle that he will stay put. It is slowly being offered to other NRL clubs.

Klemmer was implicated in an incident where a big prop refused to leave the field and launched into a tirade against coach Hayden Knowles, who has now left the Knights. Klemmer receives a solid salary and is considered a man who can be moved.

Torpey about slaves

Last week’s mention of a Ray Warren special made league fans excited. During the week Ian Thorpe was interviewed extensively on Warren’s comments on swimming. It was a huge part of his career that made him a national figure.

Where eagles dare

The public is closely watching the behavior of the Men’s Seven, the players who refused to wear the Sea Eagles’ rainbow jersey as a sign of respect for diversity. They track their every move and we have records of the company some of them keep and the establishments they visit. No one did anything illegal, but the vice police would be delighted if a photo of who they were seen with appeared.

Trainer Api

Api Coroisau is attracting the attention of rival NRL players who are taking a coaching course to prepare for life after football.


“Api is very good,” said Nicho Hines, who takes courses with Benji Marshall, Cody Walker, Wade Graham and Matt Moylan.

“I told Fitzy [Cronulla coach Craig Fitzgibbon] From day one I want to train. He keeps asking me if I really want to do this when he’s having a hard day, but I know I want to.”

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